Little man in big bed

We arrived home from our trip to visit my grandmother late last night. Red Chief learned several new, exciting things, including opening doors, flirting with waitresses, sticking both fingers up his nose at once, and climbing out of his playpen. Unfortunately, against all our hopes, this morning he also climbed out of his crib, so it's a big bed for him now.

So far he thinks the bed (actually just a mattress on the floor for now) is a good place to play and bounce, but it's not a place to sleep. He wore himself out this afternoon refusing to sleep in it, then fell asleep in my arms. I hope he will adjust soon!

We actually bought the mattress last week, thinking that we wouldn't need it for awhile. Fortunately, I had already bought sheets, we have an extra pillow, and I found my old quilt and Mr. Mordecai's old blanket, so all we need now is a waterproof mattress pad. I will move finishing the quilt higher up on my priority list now. I guess I should get my sewing room together and unpack my sewing things!

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  1. that picture is just so very precious... sigh...
    i'd be framing that one if i was his mama;-)