Dr. Seuss's ABC

Dr. Seuss's ABC
is the most amazing alphabet book ever, if you only count words. (Animalia wins for pictures, I think.)

We've been collecting Dr. Seuss books for quite some time, because we tend to like them. I never read this book as a child, and I'm almost glad, because I get to be so astounded now as an adult.

First of all, there's great meter. Second, there's tons of alliteration. Third, the alliteration is not only at the beginnings of words, but inside them, too:
and a

"Four fluffy feathers
on a
I actually didn't notice this until Red Chief had insisted on me reading this to him about twenty times. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, "Hey!" And since I practically have this book memorized (the catchy rhythm and alliteration help), I went through the book in my head at four in the morning and realized exactly how amazing this book is.

Simple words. Amazing alliteration. Great meter. Incredible creativity. How did he manage?


  1. I love this- thank you for reminding me about these great Early Readers- I think my six-year-old would have a blast!

  2. My daughters favorite Dr. Suess book is Marvin K Mooney. It is really cute.

  3. My kids love this book! The ABC book and the Foot Book by Suess are 2 of their favorites. I enjoy reading them, even though sometimes I find his imagination a bit creepy.