Books to catch a one-year-old's fancy

When Red Chief first started showing interest in books, I became fascinated by what would catch a one-year-old's interest. Babies are so quirky and unpredictable; I soon decided that any author who could write something that appeals to them is fairly amazing.

Here are a few of our favorites. Next week I will share some books that appeal to him now, at eighteen months.

Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt. First of all, there's lots to feel. Second, the subject matter appeals to children. Mommy and Daddy make appearances, as well as a fuzzy rabbit. Red Chief liked this one so much that he actually destroyed it! Ate it up, literally. It was definitely worth the mileage we got out of it in church.
Peek-a-Moo by Bernard Most. Peek-a-boo with a cow? Red Chief was sold immediately. We picked this book up at a thrift store; it's out of print. It's lots of fun and I would highly recommend it.

Moo, Baa, La La La
by Sandra Boynton. This was Red Chief's number one favorite for a long time. It has a great rhythm and lots of animal sounds. Sandra Boynton has written lots of fun books for this age group.

Mother Goose. These classic rhymes always appeal to children. They love bouncing up and down to the rhythm. Red Chief enjoys the illustrations in this edition by Mary Engelbreit, but his favorite nursery rhyme is "A Farmer Went Trotting upon His Grey Mare," which isn't in this edition.

What books do your young children enjoy?

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  1. My dear son, who is now 16, loved Pat the Bunny! He wanted it read to him several times a day. I still have it. The things us moms hang on to! LOL

  2. We had/have (not sure if I gave it away or not) a Pat the Bunny teether book. Both my kids loved it.

    They love the Baby Bug series. It's a book shaped magazine that you get in the mail. Mo recently found the whole stack that grammy had bought at the library and subscribed to for Kaia. At 4 and a half she still enjoys them, and Mo is so excited to have found them.

  3. Oh, Pat the Bunny is such a classic!

    one my kids loved is "More, more, more, said the baby"

    it is soo adorable, you'd love it:-)

  4. My little guy loves Sandra Boynton. He memorized Moo, Baa, la la la when he was just over a year old. We just got her knew one called "what's wrong little pookie?" and Red gives all of little pookie's answers. Too cute! He also loves the Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose books.

  5. Our Pat the Bunny has been practically loved to death! I took Elsie to an adults only work thing when she was still a baby. I brought Pat the Bunny to keep her happy and quiet during the speeches part. She got her little finger stuck in the hole and started screaming. Not the best moment in my life, or hers!