Seven random things

Amanda tagged me for this meme. I've never done one before, but I suppose one must start sometime if one keeps a blog, mustn't one?
  1. I used to be a technical writer.
  2. Once I got my hair caught in an electric mixer.
  3. Soup is my favorite food.
  4. I knowingly ingested radioactive iodine last year.
  5. I listen to classical music almost exclusively.
  6. I'm left-handed.
  7. I have the nicest, handsomest, most patient husband in the whole world!


  1. Oh my favorite is soup too!! I could eat it every day :) Thanks for playing along.

  2. I want to hear the story about the radioactive iodine. :)

  3. This looks like fun! I can't wait to do it...I'll have to have my girls help me to do all the link backs and such (YIPES! now you all know what a computer ditz I am:-P)

  4. thanks for tagging me - I've never done a meme before...I need to think for awhile before I do it :)

  5. OK... my girls helped me and my meme post is up!

  6. Sorry but I'm testing this on you.

    For this meme.

  7. You must have really long hair or you can't see very well so you had your face next to the mixer. I guess I will check out your blog and see if your hair is long.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! And leaving a comment even (that doesn't happen very often, LOL). A couple comments on your random facts:

    1. I used to be a technical writer too... until Motorola laid me off, LOL. I loved it!
    2. OUCH!
    3. My fav is Campbell's Tomato with oyster crackers, yummmm!
    4. And why would you do that???
    5. I'm a head-bangin' grandma, LOL... though I like classical ROCK, hehe.