It's that time again! There are so many things I'd like to do this coming year. I will try to limit myself to something doable:
  • Read the scriptures and pray each day, putting some real thought into it.
  • Establish a cleaning schedule (like Mrs. Pear's). Do it!
  • Use less stuff (which could include switching to cloth napkins and making some of my own cleaners).
  • Spend time with my family.
  • Establish a basic food storage.
  • Actually plan for Family Home Evening instead of just winging it!
  • Continue learning to sew.
  • Continue developing and/or maintain my music and writing skills.
Well, maybe that's a little long, but I'd rather aim too high and miss than aim too low!

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  1. I'm adding you to my blog list ~ we have so much in common! Especially w/some of your resolutions - I haven't posted about mine, because I'm working on perfectly exactly what I want them to be. But a few are definitely to have a planned FHE every Monday w/or w/out my husband (he isn't a member yet ~ we're taking baby steps) and scripture study and prayer w/much thought into it. Actually studying the lessons before Sunday ~ So, I think it'll be fun to lurk on your blog :) Oh! And I'm learning sewing from my Grandma - I'm actually making my first quilt right now.

    Thanks for your advice on my oven - I'm gonna give it a whirl :) Happy New Year!!