How to cut baby hair

Six or seven months ago, I decided that Red Chief needed a haircut after someone in the grocery store asked whether he was a boy or a girl despite his being dressed head to toe in blue!

I didn't want to pay, but we took him to a pro because I was too scared to get near him with scissors and I had no idea how to cut hair and I just didn't think I had the heart to cut off those cute little curls. The lady who cut his hair was wonderful with him and did a beautiful job. She even saved some curls for us and gave him a balloon!

But the next time the hair grew too long, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much. So I got out my old sewing scissors and just went at it. I had no idea what to do! But it worked out and he didn't look too weird and we saved $10.

The next time, I was more confident and we invested in a cheap $12 haircutting kit that I've already justified by using it for two haircuts. I've only used the scissors from it, though; I don't think we need the clippers yet and I'm scared of them anyway.

So, here's what I did. Keep in mind that all hair is different. Red Chief has thin, fine hair like mine. There's not much of it. I would imagine different types of hair might require different techniques.
  1. Get some scissors. You can use old sewing scissors like I did, but hair scissors actually don't cost much and you can recoup the cost by doing just one haircut yourself.
  2. Catch your baby at a good time. I find right before or after a nap is best, when he wants to cuddle and isn't too wiggly. I just hold him in my lap and vacuum everything up afterward.
  3. Going vertically with the head (from neck to crown, not from ear to ear), gather up strips of hair between two fingers and cut it off close to your fingers. I do this all over his head.
  4. Trim above the ears and at the neck. This is the hardest part for me.
  5. Come back tomorrow and touch up anything you might have missed.
That's it! I was completely afraid but it turned out really easy with a bit of practice. Keep in mind that this is a very short, basic haircut. But for a cute little guy who loves to rub food in his hair, it's just right.


  1. Hey, good job! I've been cutting all of my boy's hair, for I guess 10 years now! At $10 a hair cut, one hair cut a month, four boys, I should add that up and see how much I've saved! It's definately worth it!

  2. You did a great job! My husband has a *flow-be* to cut his hair. With some practice he's become very proficient. :o)

    Your little guy is so adorable in his white shirt and tie. Oh goodness!

  3. I cut my hubbies and sons hair and have always done it my daughter and I have long hair and I get my mom to trim mine and I do Ash's.

    My DD at one time cut her own hair a couple of times the last time she cut it so bad I just gave her a buzz cut. For months people thought she was a cancer patient. But she never cut her hair again. She was 4 my son had his first buzz cut at the same time since she cut his hair to. Such fun memories:0)


  4. Oh, Honey...that picture of him "all dressed up" just took my breath away. He is *so* very sweet... sigh...

    oh, and well done on the hair too!

  5. Looks like you did a great job.

    My dh cuts/shaves our son's hair...we both cut our daughter's hair (dh does a better job), I cut dh's hair and he sometimes cuts mine!

    My dh has naturally curly/thick hair and I don't know how I manage to cut it and make it look so good! Maybe it's in the genes - my sister is a hairdresser.

    We have saved a TON of money on haircuts. A bonus - when I visit my sister (which is maybe 1x a year - she lives in Canada - I get a GOOD haircut and coloring for next to nothing!)

  6. Awww... he's so cute!

  7. I am the world's biggest klutz and would cut off part of my child's ear if i did this (seriously) so I do splurge and get the kids hair cut at a hairdresser. She only uses the clippers. She says it easier to manage and she can control the setting. There is less chance of an accident as well. So, if your guy gets squirmy you may find use for thsoe clippers as well.

  8. I am the official haircutter in my home. I love the Wahl clipper set I bought back when I was first married so I could trim hubby's hair. I love it for my Mo because no matter how much he moves they won't cut any closer than the guard. Too bad they don't make them with an attachment for cutting squirmy daughter's bangs.

  9. I cut all my girl's hair, and very occassionally my teen aged son's. But its been a long time since I did a little boy haircut. Thanks for reminding me how to do it!

    Just think how much money you will save over the next many years!

  10. What a handsome little guy! You did a fantastic job. When Jayden was a baby we let his hair grow and grow until he was almost 2. He had thing ringlets that were to die for and his hair kinda looked like Chucky's from The Rugrats, except Jayden's hair is dark brown.

  11. We use the Wahl trimming set too. I was terrified of the clippers at first, but they're actually very easy to use. They also come with good instructions for basic haircuts. I cut my Dad's hair, my two boys' hair, and I trim my DH's hair. I'm nervous about learning to cut my daughter's hair, though!

  12. so vertical from front to back huh? I will have to remember that for next time. My little boy is so squirmy and going from ear to ear didn't work the best. I don't know if from front to back or back to front will help with the squirmy part but we'll give it a try. I too am a member of the LDS church. I just happened to stumble over your blog by googling baby hair cuts. Thanks.

  13. i cut my baby boy's hair just now and it looked great... if he was a girl... waaa! he looks like a girl now... i don't know how to fix it...

  14. Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  15. I just used your steps to give my little boy his first hair cut... he is only nine months old but he was looking so shaggy. He also has very fine hair and not much of it at that, so YOUR steps and advise were VERY helpful. Thank you so much for your post!!!