Fifty random things

Erika tagged me to write fifty random things about me! I thought seven was enough . . . we'll see what I come up with. Maybe I can answer Sarah's question while I'm at it.
  1. In fact, I think I'll just start numbering now, while I'm still rambling,
  2. Because it's going to be awfully hard to come up with fifty things,
  3. Don't you think so?
  4. I've never gone skydiving.
  5. I've never had my ears pierced.
  6. I've never dyed my hair.
  7. How about some things I won't miss about our apartment when we move?
  8. I won't miss the tiny kitchen,
  9. Or its narrow, narrow drawers,
  10. Or its shallow, sparse cupboards,
  11. Or its slightly-too-hot oven,
  12. Or its non-existent counter space.
  13. I won't miss the downstairs neighbors' electric guitar
  14. Or the extra noise and traffic on the weekends.
  15. I will miss having a nice, cozy, small little space that's just right for us.
  16. I'll also miss having people mow the lawn
  17. And do all the repairs
  18. And I'll miss the garbage truck that comes every day to make Red Chief happy
  19. And the park nearby
  20. And the dogs (again, for Red Chief's benefit).
  21. Today I dropped Red Chief off at day care for an hour.
  22. He had a great time. He didn't miss me.
  23. Then I went to the doctor, because I swallowed radioactive iodine last April.
  24. The guy who gave me the radioactive iodine wasn't wearing a lead suit or gas mask or even gloves. Disappointing.
  25. I swallowed radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid.
  26. I had to destroy my thyroid because I have Graves Disease.
  27. I had to stop nursing Red Chief cold turkey when he was seven months old so I could be radioactive.
  28. It hurt. A lot.
  29. The cold turkey thing, not the radioactive thing. That didn't feel like anything.
  30. I had to stay 6 feet away from everyone for a few days while I was radioactive. My mommy took care of me.
  31. I really missed Red Chief and Mr. Mordecai.
  32. Well, that's enough about my weird health problems. Boring!
  33. But then, my life isn't really a bundle of excitement.
  34. I have known Mr. Mordecai since 5th grade.
  35. But I didn't talk to him then. Consider the cooties!
  36. We were on the math team together in junior high.
  37. We "hung out" together in high school with our friends but we didn't date.
  38. Then we went to different universities.
  39. Then Mr. Mordecai went on a mission to Chile.
  40. I very industriously finished my bachelor's degree in English while he was gone.
  41. I got a minor in music, too.
  42. Also in watered-down computers.
  43. Then he came back and we went on a date, but I didn't know it was a date, so I called some of our other friends to come.
  44. Then we went on a date a few months later.
  45. Then a few months later I was laid off from my job.
  46. Then Mr. Mordecai took me on another date.
  47. Then another next week.
  48. Then he took me out lots more and in a few months we were engaged, and in a few more we were married.
  49. I really, truly have been blissfully happy ever since.
  50. And we lived happily ever after.


  1. Wow, 50 is so many! And I thought that seven was a lot. Interesting about you being radioactive. To my knowledge you are the only one I know who has been radioactive.

    I answered your tag on my blog.

  2. Oh I was also going to say that I really love your picture at the top of the post.

  3. 50 is so many. These memes keep getting bigger and bigger.


  4. Girl....that was a fun read!

    and a very satisfying happy ending..

    It was all there in your 5o things:-)

  5. this is probably the most *fun* meme i've read. certainly not boring!

    thank you for the giggle. ;o)

  6. LOL wow those stories were told pretty quickly!