Digital scrapbooking

A few months ago, I ran into digital scrapbooking on the internet, which made me laugh because I started my own about a year ago without knowing about the trend.

I think scrapbooking has a few advantages over photo albums: they're more personal, there's room to be creative, and there's room to write about your pictures. But. I'm not a cutesy kind of person, and scrapbooks really are. Also, they're messy and hard to do around Red Chief. Furthermore, I'm a perfectionist, and alas, my crafty skills are zero.

I had a stroke of inspiration last year when Mr. Mordecai was out of town on a business trip. We had recently purchased the Adobe Creative Suite at student pricing. I used InDesign extensively in a former life as a technical writer, and I love it! You can really do anything with it.

That week, our family photo album / scrapbook was born--on the computer. I think the best thing about it is that I actually keep up with it because I enjoy it. I'm only six months behind right now! I also like how easy it is to share with family and friends--email is free! I am planning to print copies for us to keep, too.


  1. I've read bits and pieces about digital scrapbooking but never delved into it. Your examples are great though and I just may give it a try!

    I'm assuming that's your little boy in the top collage, with you and your dear hubby in the bottom collage. You were a beautiful bride and your dress is truly lovely. :o)

  2. I love the cape you wore for your wedding - beautiful!

    We recently went to a winter wedding...the bride and bridesmaids all in STRAPLESS dresses. It was cold and windy and not only the guests but the wedding party stood outside to blow bubbles on the couple - waiting about 10 min and it was FREEZING cold. When we got to the reception place - they were taking wedding photos outdoors in the cold! Crazy or what???

    Anyway - the idea of having a beautiful cape on would certainly be warmer for any outdoor photos.

  3. I've slowly been selling off all my supplies to go digi. It's so much less messy, and it just takes so much less space. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. Wow I love your cape for the winter wedding! Makes you look like Snow White.

  5. Wow, you do some pretty layouts! I love digital scrapbooking, except I'm not a purist...I always print out my pages. Pretty soon, though, I better start keeping them on CDs instead. Last count...I had 35 different albums, LOL!
    Have you ever seen these sites: Digiscrap Depot; Ikea Goddess or RAKscraps.com? All are good sources for freebies!

  6. I *need* to start doing some sort of scrapbooking, but it seems there is never enough time... maybe digital would be the best way for me to go?

    I may need someone to hold my hand though...maybe you'd be willing to give me some advice? Your layouts are lovely!

  7. Your wedding shots are absolutely gorgeous. I love the cape you are wearing.

    I am trying to learn about digital scrapbooking too but only have MS Powerpoint to use. I can't really justify buying a special program unless I can think of a better excuse!


  8. If I can help you long-distance, Diane, I will be happy to. I imagine it would be pretty rough going with something like InDesign if you have no experience, but there are books that could help you. I think there are also some simpler programs available, too. Feel free to contact me at the email address in my sidebar anytime.

    Mom2fur, thanks for the sites. I got some great ideas there. I didn't realize that some people actually use real programs and not just pre-done templatey stuff. I'm excited about all these new resources.