We're back

Red Chief and I had a lovely visit with my parents, and Mr. Mordecai had a productive and enjoyable business trip to Santiago. Now we're happy to be back, with a trunkful of Christmas gifts from our parents (I can't believe Mr. Mordecai made everything fit!) and a perfect whole wheat bread recipe that I can't wait to try. We bought a Christmas tree Saturday night after we returned and we will be decorating it tonight. Stay tuned for babyproof Christmas decoration ideas and beautiful pictures from Santiago.


  1. What a sweet little blog you have here! I love the illustrations you have- particularly the etchings, or are they pen and ink? Whatever they are they are lovely...and I love that you refer to your little man as "Red Chief," although I must say he looks very sweet and charming and not at all like I imagine the original "Red Chief":-)

    Thank yop so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a gracious comment- it made my day!

  2. My book says:

    "With designs by Miss L. B. Humphrey
    "Engraved by Andrew"

    So I guess they're engravings.

    You're right; ninety-nine percent of the time, my little Red Chief is quite well-behaved.

  3. That is such a cute picture. You must share the bread recipe. Thanks for stopping by my blog.