Weird fruit

Here are some reviews of the weird fruit we had for New Year's Eve.

Asian pear: Very nice! Both crisp and juicy; the texture was so pleasing and the flavor mild. I'll get this one again.

Grapples: Not too exciting. They reeked of artificial grape flavor, but they tasted just like apples to me.

Mini bananas: These taste pretty normal, maybe a bit creamier. They are a very convenient size for little ones, though. The flesh is slightly yellower and seems to brown a bit faster than normal bananas. I would buy them more often if they didn't cost so much more than big bananas.

Persimmon: I had read that these are really sour, but these were kind of tasteless. I'm guessing that it was just poor quality fruit? Anyway, they were edible and very mild, but I don't think I'll be buying them here anytime soon again. Maybe if I'm ever in the South.


  1. I liked the smaller size of the bananas, but now that my kids are 6&7 they can actually eat a full-sized banana and they are so much cheaper too.
    Thanks for your comment on the cellery. Yes, I never realized before, but I think it is wet when it wilts. I will try your advise and dry them off. I use the paper towel trick with my lettuce leaves, it helps absorb the moisture so it doesn't wilt. Don't know why I didn't think of the same thing for celery.

  2. I love Asian Pears! Of course I'm lucky enough to live in apple and pear country. I just need to find someone that is growing them. Our pastor and his wife always have the congregation out to pick what's left on all their apple trees each year about late October.

    Persimmons are so hard to find actually ripe. I've had some that were so sweet and juicy, just like they should be, but most I find in stores are dry or bitter.

  3. My kids are always after me to buy those little bananas, but then they never end up eating them! Why that is, I cannot say.

    I am always tempted to buy more though, just because they are so very *cute*!