These were my first project after the apron. I used Anna's pattern, which worked out so beautifully. We needed pillowcases, and I couldn't stand paying ten dollars a pair! With a free sheet and a dollar's worth of fabric, we have something much more fun now (if not quite perfect in workmanship). After I finish Red Chief's quilt, I will make some to match it, too. What good practice for a beginner like me!


  1. I agree! Pillowcases were my first sewing project. Yours turned out darling! They make great gifts, too. I gave all my nieces Christmas ones one year. And I've made special toothfairy ones with a pocket.

  2. I've been wanting to re-learn how to sew as well. Your projects are inspiring me to actually pick up and do it. Thanks!

  3. I made those same pillowcases from Anna's pattern.

    I posted about them here:

    Yours are really pretty. Well done. I am a beginner sewer too.



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