Peppermint pinwheels

I have enjoyed these fun little cookies ever since I found the recipe in Taste of Home several years ago. They are great for cookie plates because they look quite unique! See the recipe here.

My tips: use a very sharp knife to cut the rounds and don't overbake. I took these out two minutes before the specified time and they were perfect.

Red Chief thinks they are so good that he tried to share with his good friend the DustBuster. These are actually ideal cookies for little ones who don't have all their molars yet: they are small, dissolve easily, and don't make too much slime and mess.

See more Christmas cookie recipes here.


  1. Oh, my those do look good!! I am also thinking they would do nicely for embellishing a gingerbread house... we always bring one to the family holiday gathering and these would be such a neat addition!

  2. Those look like fun! I'm always looking for a new and impressive recipe for our annual cookie exchange party. I'll give these a try!

    (My FIL always had Prime Rib on Christmas. But, we are ham people. You could do simple fare like Jesus would have eaten: bread, cheeses, olives, etc.)

  3. Love those cookies! I might have to add those to my Christmas repertoire because they are so pretty! Thanks for the tip!

    Amy @ http://hopeistheword.wordpress.com/2007/12/18/kitchen-tip-tuesday-salt-dough-ornaments/

  4. They look adorable!

    Thanks for the tip. I will have to remember the next time I have a toddler - to let him play with the dustbuster when he is eating cookies. :) (That is even a better tip. LOL


  5. Mrs Lavender12/19/07, 7:07 AM

    What a lovely recipe! Is the peppermint very strong or does it have just a hint of peppermint to it?

    I am having flashbacks of this cake that my sister made once and I believe she used too much peppermint and it tasted like toothpaste! Yikes!

  6. Mrs. Lavender,

    The peppermint is not very strong. No toothpaste here!