More Christmas aprons

A few days after Christmas, we received a late package: more aprons for Red Chief, made by my grandmother. She is an amazing seamstress: among other things, she makes Renaissance-style madrigal costumes for the high school choir my aunt leads.

She sent Red Chief three little smocks--two with dogs and one with cats. He loves them because they have "pat-pats" on them and I love them because they'll be virtually impossible for him to pull off. They zip up the back--no ties or velcro. I also like that they're brown, so they'll hide stains well.

I am sure that my grandmother made up this pattern herself or altered it from another. More motivation for me to keep on sewing. One day maybe I'll be half as good as she is.

1 comment:

  1. It's obvious that Red Chief loves his new aprons as much as you do! They look very practical and nice. :)