A jarful of towels

Here's my newest gift idea: a large, inexpensive jar filled with rolled-up kitchen towels. I am giving this to my sister for Christmas, but it would also make a lovely shower or housewarming gift.


  1. What a great idea! You could do red and white stripes and it would look like a candy cane. I love gifts where the packaging is part of the treat!

  2. Neat idea!

    I forgot to comment on what you said about my OCR Christmas china. I always loved the Old Country Roses, but couldn't justify buying any because of having another set of china. I started buying a place setting of OCR every time I saw it on sale, then family and friends started giving me pieces. I gave my other set of fine china to my daughter who loves it!

    I really like Blue Willow too and would hold onto it!


  3. That certainly is a wonderful idea! I love it when someone comes up with an unusual way of giving gifts:-) xo

  4. What a cute and clever idea! I love it. What a wonderful gift idea!

    You have a very cute blog!

    Merry Christmas, Sharon

  5. What a clever idea!

    I like your fresh chickpeas too. I have never seen fresh chickpeas before though I love the dried ones in hommus and other dishes.


  6. Oh, I like this idea! Very nice!

  7. My SIL gave us a similar jar years ago. Only it had hand towels and wash cloths, fancy soap and bath beads. It was so pretty, I used it as a decoration in our bath for years!