Blessings of less

School is over and Mr. Mordecai has a job, but we haven't bought a house yet. Sometimes people pity us because we live in a small apartment and have only one car. Me? I'm relishing this year that we have between school and house.

We have one car. It's reliable and respectable looking. That's good enough for me. Some people don't understand that we don't want another car. Mr. Mordecai walks to work (five minutes), so I have the car during the day if I need it. We only "need" two cars about once a year when we happen to be going in opposite directions at the same time. When that happens, well, that's what friends are for, right?

We save on insurance and repairs. We don't have to hunt for an empty parking spot in our apartment complex. We pollute less. Why in the world would we want another car? Cars are just trouble: they break all the time.

I am also enjoying this time that we have in an apartment, although I am of course looking forward to a house. There is only one bathroom to clean. Rent is affordable, so we can save up for a down payment. We don't have to mow the lawn or do any repairs or pay for maintenance. Utilities are cheap.

I love that our apartment is just the right size for the three of us: two bedrooms, one bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and a living area. We never have to holler because we're always within earshot. We can walk to the park in five minutes. There are doggies outside for Red Chief to watch, and the garbage truck comes every day.

All in all, I'm quite happy with the way things are now. I am excited to move on, but for now, I'm thankful for our blessings.


  1. Such beautiful words to describe your thankfulness. My hubby and I spent our first seven years of marriage with only one car and we did just fine.

  2. What a sweet grateful attitude. We should all remember how much we have been blessed.

  3. You really "get it." I loved this post. to recognize the gifts you have and not see the apartment or single car with resentment.

    Wow, thank you for this precious post. I can't wait to read your TT next week.

    Have a blessed and beautiful Christmas. Love and hugs, Lynn

  4. Girlie, I really love your attitude!

    "The secret of contentment is not having what you want, but wanting what you have."

    I love that saying and your post reminded me of it precisely:-)

  5. Oh, you dear thing! ((hugs))

    I just noticed you linked to me in your sidebar...and I am tickled to what is probably an absurd degree;-)

  6. I really enjoyed this thankful post, be blessed.

  7. A quote I recall from long ago ...

    "Never despise meager beginnings."

    You and your dear husband are wise to live simply. While others seek affluence (more of everything), it's refreshing to know some folks value so much more.

    Eight years ago we sold our 2400sf home and bought down - a home half the $ and almost half the square footage - half the furniture - half the upkeep. This was spurred on by a change in my husband's career. He sought to live joyfully rather than give his life to the corporate ladder. This cut his wage in half. A willing & necessary sacrifice to provide rest in his life. We joyfully made the necessary changes and have never regretted the decision.

    Bless you dearly.

  8. Additionally...

    What a blessing to know a wife is supporting, honoring and loving her husband in this way. This is a lovely example for all wives.