The amazing indestructible silicone muffin cups

A few months ago, I tried a silicone muffin pan and was disappointed at how my muffins stuck to it and discolored the pan. I decided to give silicone another chance recently, and I was pleasantly surprised. The ridges in these muffin cups help the muffins slide out with no problems. You can put them in a muffin tin, or they'll stand by themselves on a cookie sheet. My muffins turned out beautifully. I will never have to buy paper muffin cups or grease my muffin pan again!

The reason I am amazed: I accidentally ran the garbage disposal with one in the drain, and nothing happened to it. I can't even tell it from the others.


  1. amazing!

    i have a silicone 8x8 cake pan that i've used a couple times with good results. i've been hesitant to try the muffin tins and haven't even seen the muffin cups in stores. i'll have to give this some consideration. thank you for the tip!

  2. I have never seen these in the stores, but they seem like a wonderful idea. I will have to ask about them next time I go shopping. Thanks for visiting my site, too.

  3. I have the silicone muffin "tin"--the one where all the cups are connected. I don't love it as well as I do my traditional pan, but I do use it. I might have to look into the individual muffin cups. Thanks!
    Amy @ http://hopeistheword.wordpress.com/2007/12/04/kitchen-tip-tuesday-orange-marble-fudge/

  4. I've found that just a squirt of olive oil cooking spray helps the muffins come out better. My problem is getting them clean. The dishwasher doesn't work and I really don't have time for hand washing. But I do think the cups are handy.

  5. Tammysrecipes.com12/4/07, 10:03 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing this review of the silicone muffin cups! I heard about them a long time ago, and then noticed that they were in sotres around here... I have been just greasing my muffin pan instead of buying liners, but since I only have one pan, it makes it difficult to make more than 1 dozen muffins at a time... because of needing to wash it... and then the extra-long baking time!

    Do you grease the silicone muffin cups before using? I think I had read on the package that they were supposed to be greased first, and I thought that sounded like too much bother!

    But, I was telling Joshua that I wanted to buy a few muffins papers for doing baking after the new baby's born... and he said, "Why don't we just get the silicone ones?" Sooo... we'll see. :) We do love re-usable stuff! :)

  6. I had seen these in the store, but I wasn't sure if they actually worked. I have been disappointed with the silicone products I have bought in the past (except my silicone glove, which rocks!) so it is great to see what a real person thinks about these. Thank you!

  7. I just bought some of these since they were on clearance 1/2 off and used them this morning. The muffins came out great. They are dishwasher safe. I haven't washed them since using them, but hopefully they will clean up easily, too.

  8. Where can you buy these individual ones???? Can someone email me at