As a child, my favorite cookbook was Alpha-Bakery from General Mills. It was ordered from a sack of flour and contained one recipe for each letter of the alphabet, each perfectly suited toward children. I had many favorites from this book: Honey Bee Cookies, Kart-Wheels, Lemon Squares, Quick Cheeseburger Pie (contains pickle juice!), and Veggie Bites. I loved the fun illustrations and appreciated the simplicity of the recipes.

As an adult, I love that it actually has real recipes: pie crust, yeast breads, lots of oven use. Many kids' cookbooks use lots of mixes or don't really involve cooking. This one lets you jump right in!

Red Chief having found and destroyed my childhood copy (which wasn't in wonderful shape anyway), I decided it was time to find a new copy. It took quite a bit of poking around to find it on the internet, but I found it: here is the order form, good until the end of 2008. At only $3.99, this book's a steal! I love to give it as a gift.

You can also order Rainbow Bakery with the same form. I did, just for fun. Maybe it's the lack of childhood nostalgia, but I wasn't that impressed. It's more a food arrangement and presentation book than a cookbook. It has some fun kid food, though, and as Red Chief gets older and pickier, I will probably appreciate it more.


  1. I musth have this! Thanks for the link-we'll be adding this to our collection!
    Amy @ http://hopeistheword.wordpress.com/2007/12/11/kitchen-tip-tuesday-little-helpers-in-the-kitchen/

  2. What fun! It will be perfect (and I do mean *perfect*) for my 14yodd. She has Down syndrome and is very interested in both cooking and, since she is just beginning to grasp reading, letters.

    Thanks so much for sharing:-)

  3. That cookbook sounds terrific. I love teaching back-to-basic cooking skills; once they learn them they have them for life.

    Thank you also for visiting my blog. I'll definitely be back visiting here again.


  4. How fun! I love cookbooks and vintage illustrations. And to get both together? Sigh of happiness!

  5. Your cookbook sounds fun. I love including the children in the kitchen.


  6. What a neat book! Thanks for the tip.