A napron

I made this apron two months ago from a pillowcase that came from my grandma's house. It was my first successful, completed sewing project since I was eleven, and my first ever without my mom's help. I'm not really a sewer; straight lines don't come naturally to me. But I'm determined to learn. I hated it until I finished this project, and now I think it's pretty fun. I guess sometimes it takes a success to get me going. I'm now attempting a quilt, but no promises as to its prettiness!

At our house we call aprons 'naprons.' Once upon a time, aprons actually were called naprons, but through the process of metanalysis, "a napron" became "an apron." Ever since I learned that, I've called them naprons just to be silly.


  1. I'm here from Mrs. Brooke's blog. Bless you for knowing the word metanalysis! Did you know that the same process gave us the word "uncle"?

    1. It's actually the other way around; "an uncle" and "mine uncle" were rebracketed as "a nuncle" and "my nuncle". "Uncle" is the original word.