Cleaning day

Saturday, I just had to get stuff done. A lot of stuff. Stuff I had been putting off: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, sending birthday cards, returning a package. Also, laundry, but I hadn't been putting that off: I just had more, because there's always more.

My patient and capable husband wrangled the kids while I worked, and he dropped off packages and library books and made the big kids clean their rooms.

I felt pretty good about the amount of work I got done, but I do think that next time I shouldn't put it off.



When I was cleaning out my closet, I found this little gem that hung in our house during my growing-up years. I don't know who stitched it—my mom? Was it a gift? In any case, I thought it was worth preserving.

I ripped it out of its frame so I could wash the fingerprints off. It was glued and taped and glued again. I felt bad undoing all that hard work.

I got it clean and dry and ironed and put it back in the frame—but I added glass this time so fingerprints won't happen again.

And then I taped and glued it again, just like it had been before. I'm sure it wasn't archival quality to use old paper sacks and packing tape, but if it held up that well for over thirty years, that's good enough for me.

And now Pip is enjoying it in his bedroom.


A cake

We had eggs in the house, so Tiger Lily and I made a custard-filled roll cake.


Things I've been up to

  • Cleaning the lint out of the dryer and dryer pipe to get it working again
  • Cleaning out the rest of the laundry room while we were at it
  • Washing Pip's muddy clothes in the nice clean laundry room
  • Looking through the papers in our filing cabinet and getting rid of 90% of them
  • Cooking and baking lots of yummy food
  • Taking Red Chief to a book signing by a favorite author
  • Running lots of errands with Pip
  • Having regular special times together with Tiger Lily
  • Walking the kids to school and enjoying the beautiful spring weather
  • Starting a new study of the New Testament


Baking inspiration

I started watching The Great British Baking Show—and what did I think? That I could watch it without getting into the kitchen? Not a chance.

I wanted to make ciabatta like they made on the show, but most of the recipes I found took two days. Plus, we needed sandwich bread.

So I made seeded sandwich bread, and then I made these Shrovetide jam buns for a treat, because they looked yummy. After I made them, I wondered what Shrovetide is, so I looked it up. Guess I'm about a week late, but they're still yummy. I used Earth Balance instead of butter and aquafaba instead of eggs to make them vegan.

I don't think I would win on the baking show, but I had fun.


Things Pip does

  • Uses the computer mouse (no, I didn't teach him)
  • Says, "One, set, go!" before running
  • Recognizes a few colors and shapes
  • Recognizes a few letters (thank you, Super Why)
  • Sleeps all night—sometimes
  • Loves church nursery at last
  • Paints with water
  • Hits a lot
  • Helps me with laundry and dishes
  • Points out things he likes to others ("See mine tie?")


A dream come true

I discovered Enid Blyton in my adulthood. I love her books, and I'm a bit sad that I wasn't able to read her books when I was a child.

But seven-year-old Tiger Lily is her new biggest fan. She is almost done with the three Wishing Chair books. She wants to read some more of her fantasy, so we've ordered a used copy of the Faraway Tree books.

We can't find Enid Blyton's books in our libraries, as her books are published in England, but they're easy to find used on Amazon. She wrote children's fantasy, boarding school stories, and mystery/adventure books.


Cooking therapy

I didn't know I needed cooking therapy, but suddenly I found myself in the kitchen with the milk glass out.

It's been a week. I had to be somewhere every single morning. I didn't get much housework done. Pip had to get a bunch of stitches because he cut his head on the bench. This afternoon I retreated to my room with chocolate and a good book during naptime, and that was nice, but it wasn't enough.

There's something therapeutic about cooking for me, even though I fight it sometimes. Of course, circumstances have to be right. Cooking at the last minute with a two-year-old hanging on to my leg while I'm firing off spelling words to another child is not therapeutic. But if I can get half an hour to myself in the kitchen, that's magic.


Circle of rhythms

I found this diagram the other day in an ancient viola method book, and I just can't stop looking at it. I've never seen note relationships explained in a round like this. It's beautiful. Bonus: I can learn lots of musical terms in French!