A relaxing day

  • A day off school
  • Two violin lessons taught
  • A much-needed practice session for me
  • Finished a good book
  • Caught a short nap
  • Watched Cinderella with Tiger Lily and Pip
  • Legos all day for Red Chief
  • Kitchen time! Ground flax, vegan Parmesan, and peanut butter bars
  • Early, easy dinner of storebought veggie burgers


Look who's two

He's two—he's been acting like it for awhile—and he couldn't have been happier about having a cake with candy on it. (And, to give full credit, his Daddy made the cake, since I was flying back into town after my adventure.)

Now that Baby is so big, I suppose I ought to find a new blog name for him.

So, my friends, let's call him Pip.


Autumn flowers

Tiger Lily has been showing quite the knack for arranging flowers lately. I never would have thought to pair morning glory leaves with marigolds, but she did. And I happily arranged them on the mantel with the pumpkins and gourds the neighbor kids sold us.


Sick day

Tiger Lily has been home sick the past two days. Luckily she doesn't feel too terrible. She's enjoying the change of pace a little, but she's bored. She misses school! Reading, coloring, and movies get old eventually.

And Baby (who is perfectly well) has learned to lie on the couch and say, "I sick baby." And then he stands up on the couch and launches himself off. None of my kids have broken any bones yet. Baby may be the first—although I hope no one does!


A bookish trip

Last week I went on a trip all by myself to San Francisco. I flew there (easy), then I took the subway and walked to my hotel (less easy, but I did it, hooray!).

That night I passed a bookshop as I was walking to dinner and of course had to go in. I loved looking at the antique books, but they were a bit out of my price range in the three digits.

I had Indonesian food the first night. I researched restaurants before I left so I had some ideas where I could get some vegetables.

I took a picture of this valet parking lot to send to Red Chief. All the spots are filled, and so is all the other space! Even thinking of getting those cars out makes me feel stressed. I'm glad I wasn't driving on this trip.

The view out my hotel window.

I ended up at the Goodreads office, which was the reason for my trip. I spent a whole day there at their Power User Summit, giving feedback about the site and getting a few sneak peeks. Everyone there was incredibly kind and hospitable, and I loved meeting some fellow users from the site. What could be better than talking about books all day? I'm so glad I had the chance to go, although I'm still pretty baffled as to why they picked me to come.

I had a few minutes to stop at Britex Fabrics before heading back home. Four floors of fabrics and notions! Why yes, I did buy a few things.

Thank you to Goodreads for bringing me to San Francisco, and thank you so much to my husband who made it possible for me to go (I love being a stay-at-home mom, but it does make it hard to get away sometimes!).


Afternoon reading

I am behind on reading my library books. Reading them is one item on my to-do list that is hardly a chore—when I can find the time!


Weird fruit

I made a quick nighttime grocery stop and was surprised by two kinds of fruit we had never tried before: rambutan and kiwi berries. Of course I had to buy them.

The rambutan have a spiky outside shell with soft white fruit in the middle. The kiwi berries are just tiny kiwifruit with edible skins.



Our porch was covered in cobwebs, à la haunted house. I thought about leaving them up until Halloween, but I was sick of looking at them.

Also, the honeysuckle by the porch was covering most of the walkway and getting a little friendly with people's hair and arms as they approached.

And it was dirty. Just plain dirty.

Our hose has been broken, and I've been using that as an excuse not to clean up. But a few weeks ago I saw someone cleaning up their cobwebs with a broom, and I wondered why I had never thought of that.

So I got the hose fixed. And I got our old straw broom out of the garage and swept away all those cobwebs, and I trimmed the honeysuckle, and I washed everything off with the hose.

And things are better.


One day's food

Here's what we ate on another typical day of plant-based eating. I love the food, and I feel great. While I am occasionally tempted to eat something I oughtn't, I am never tempted to go back to eating the way I used to overall.


Pancakes with blueberry sauce

Baby: banana

Me: Potato rosemary soup (made from leftover baked potatoes), a peach, an apple
Baby: Peanut butter sandwich, apple, soymilk
Tiger Lily: School lunch
Red Chief and Mr. M: Leftover barbecue spaghetti squash sandwiches

Vegetable enchiladas
Spanish rice (from a box)
Peanut butter cookies